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How to write articles - Making Creative Titles

A catchy title is the key to your article getting read. You only have 5 to 7 seconds to catch the interest of your reader. Your title should state a problem and then give incentive to the viewer to read the rest of the article to find the solution. There are a number of title styles that accomplish this goal. Ideally, the article title should include the keyword phrase of the highest importance to you. Listed below are some article title structures that draw people in to read more.

  1. (X) Reasons Why (BENEFIT)
  2. (X) Steps To (BENEFIT)
  4. (X) Ways To (BENEFIT)
  5. (TARGET MARKET) Secrets That (TARGET MARKET PROVIDERS) Donít Want Published
  6. Can You Pass This (TOPIC) Test?
  7. Do You Make These Mistakes In/On/At (TOPIC)?

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Readers love "How To" articles that tell them how to solve problems, or lists that give them answers to their questions. Adding solutions, benefits, target market, topics and problem avoidance issues will help to make the title more enticing and to more likely get people to read the rest of the article.


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