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Writing Effective Resource Boxes

The purpose of the resourse box is to give your reader a call to action. It is designed to get them to do the following:.

  1. Visit your website
  2. Purchase a product/service
  3. Sign up for your email list
  4. Give you a phone call
  5. Send away for a free info packet

Next to the title, the resource box is one of the most important pieces of your article. You want to make sure you get this piece right because this will determine the success or failure of your article writing efforts. You can have a great article that gets people to want more, but if there is nothing else after the article to tell them what to do, then you miss out on the opportunity for another interaction with the reader.

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Top 3 Problems I See With Resource Boxes.

I am a manager for an article directory and here are the top 5 problems I see with the resource boxes of articles submitted to the directory.

  1. No links/broken links - make sure you check your links, that they are working or that they are active.
  2. Links that go to SPAM sites. - You took the time to write a great article, why would you want to send them to a spammy site after all that work? You completely shatter your credibility when you do this.
  3. No call to action - You may have a link that goes to a great site, but you gotta give me a reason to click on it! What's in it for me if I do click on your link?


Some Things To Make Resource Boxes More Effective.

  1. Add a statement of credibility.. Why should I listen to you? Stating things like, "I have made $$$ using this technique", or "I have been in this business for X years", or "I am an award winning Y", helps.
  2. Don't put too many words in your resource box. Publishers will be less likely to publish your article if your resource box is too long. Also your reader will probably lose interest before they get to your call to action.


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